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Broken Links at a Glance

Symbol for an extra windowBroken Links at a Glance is a free online broken link checker for sites up to 5000 unique links.

Broken Links at a Glance has the following characteristics:


This service is free, so you might wonder "Where is the catch?".

The answer is, there isn't a catch. Broken Links at a Glance is a spinoff of my hobby project Symbol for an extra windowZOMDir.com. I like to create websites like this in my spare time, although I also love to read a good book and walking in the nature.


So far all software I have created is webbased. In my opinion this is the ultimate platform. By making the websites Symbol for an extra windowresponsive the software is practically device independent.

Simple user interface

The goal was to create an easy broken link checker for small websites. Therefor the user interface should be as simple as possible. To test broken links at a website you only have to enter the address of the website and press enter. There are no options to set.

Up to 5000 unique links

Broken Links at a Glance is only suitable for relative small sites. Up to 5000 unique links of the to be tested website will be checked.


When a Symbol for an extra windowrobots.txt file is found, only the allowed links (that is the not disallowed links) are checked.

If you don't want that Broken Links at a Glance checks your website, then add the following code to your robots.txt file.

User-agent: BLaaG
Disallow: /

Links checked

In principle all links will be followed and tested. Links which have, for example, one of the following Symbol for an extra windowURI schemes (that is link which starts with): 'wais:', 'file:', 'news:', 'telnet:', 'ftp:', 'gopher:', 'mailto:', 'javascript:', 'tel:' or 'view-source:' will be ignored.

Note that only links will be checked which have the same directory as the initial tested webpage. So when you start the test with the url:


Then links located at:


will not be tested.


The statistics of Broken Links at a Glance will probably differ from other Symbol for an extra windowlink checkers. That is because only unique links will be checked. For example if your site has hunderds of links to your privacy page because this link occurs at every webpage in the footer, then this link to your privacy page will be checked only once.

Note that each tested link could have more than one status code. The worst case scenario is that a link is Symbol for an extra windowredirected, Symbol for an extra windowbroken and Symbol for an extra windowprobably not safe to visit.

Ok, or not ok. That's the question

At a regular base it occurs that links with other status codes than Symbol for an extra window200 OK or Symbol for an extra window301 works perfectly fine in your browser. For example this might be the case with the following status codes:

  1. Symbol for an extra window403 Forbidden;
  2. Symbol for an extra window405 Method Not Allowed. For external websites "Broken Links at a Glance" uses another method to give you results "at a glance". Most of the time following a link with this code works fine. Hence this code isn't marked bold;
  3. Symbol for an extra window406 Not Acceptable;
  4. Symbol for an extra window408 Request Timeout. This might occurs when the tested website has a relative slow responstime;
  5. Symbol for an extra window412 Precondition failed;
  6. Symbol for an extra window500 Internal Server Error
  7. Symbol for an extra window503 Service Unavailable

Clearly the status code returned by the webservers depends on time of the request and the identity of the requestor.


Per tested page you will find the links with findings when the status code isn't Symbol for an extra window200 OK. Status codes other than Symbol for an extra window301 are highlighted. Due to the fact that links are checked only once, links with findings are related to the first page where that link was found.

I hope you like Symbol for an extra windowBroken Links at a Glance,

Tip: Use a bookmarklet to get the quality score even quicker.