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Setext Bookmarklet

To install the bookmarklet for the Symbol for an extra windowSetextBrowser, on an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad, follow these steps:

  1. The send-page-to icon used in Apple's Safari Send-page-to-iconThe bookmarks icon used in Apple's Safari Bookmarks-iconSelect where the result should be shown:
    1. Current window
    2. New window
  2. Check that the # sign is visible in the web address
  3. Tap the send-page-to-icon
  4. Tap Add Bookmark
  5. Tap the bookmarks-icon
  6. Click the Edit button
  7. Select the bookmark About: Setext
  8. Under name erase the text About:
  9. Under location (URL) erase the # mark and everything before
  10. Tap anywhere outside the bookmarks window

Your bookmarklet is now ready to use.