Karma points

As long as karma exists, the world changes. - Nina Hagen

For everything positive action at ZOMDir you will earn karma points.

The number of karma points earned is visible when your logged in at ZOMDir.

It might be possible that you are mentioned in ZOMDir's herolist.


The following generic rules apply:

  1. For adding a link you get karma points ranging from 0.4 to 1.1 points. This number depends on the number of links at a page. The maximum score can be achieved when there are about 20 links on a page
  2. For editing the link text (✎) you get 0.3 karma points
  3. For removing a link (✎, "Remove this link") you get 0.2 karma points
  4. For demoting a link (⇓) you get 0.1 karma point.

Fair play

To promote fair play these rules only apply when they are probably positive. For example repeating the following actions will yield no additional karma points:

  1. Adding and removing a link (or vice versa)
  2. Updating a link
  3. Removing links
  4. Promoting and demoting a link


The lower the page is in hierarchy the higher the multiplier for your karma points. The multiplier varies from 1 to 2.

For the homepage the multiplier is 0. So you will not earn any karma points at all for an action at the homepage. At the other hand at a page regarding a detailed subject and a detailed location you will double your points.


The number of karma points you have decreases slowly (karma isn't forever). Karma points have a half-life of one year.

Salamander awards

Karma isn't a competition, however huge contributions are greatly appriciated. Therefor you get a salamander award when you have earned enough karma. Note that these salamander awards are based on the maximum number of earned karma points.