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People like you

A still of slideshare presentationTake the ZOMDir tour, to learn the possibilities ZOMDir is made possible by people like you. Thanks.

You might support the, potential, greatest directory of the world by:

  1. Correcting or translating a text (Click, in the directory, on a text to correct);
  2. Adding links to interesting websites;
  3. Enlarge the structure;
  4. Talk, write, chat, tweet about ZOMDir.com.

Earn karma points

Your positive contribution regarding ZOMDir.com will be rewarded with karma points. Start earning karma points by visiting the directory followed by a click on the "Tell me more" button.

You even might be mentioned in ZOMDir's heroes list.


Everybody needs somebody. ZOMDir needs you, you, you (You, you, you) ZOMDir by Hans van der Graaf

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