About ZOMDir

ZOMDir.com is a combination of a directory and a wiki.

Everyone is able to edit almost anything.

World's most flexible directory The goal was to create world's most flexible directory. The result is ZOMDir.com. I hope that you appreciate the result.

Hans van der Graaf


ZOMDir.com supports 184 different languages. Each language should be considered as a separate directory. Due to the fact that each directory is a wiki people like you are able to modify almost everything, simply by clicking on the item.

Each directory will have a structure based on subjects and locations. Initially each directory is written in English, however you are able to translate it completely in your native language.

Add a link in a blink

You can of course add and remove links directly. However every link is allowed once to keep the directory neat.

No login required

A login is not necessary, hence every modification is done anonymously and every modification could be undone easily.

Do it yourself

Before you add your first link to ZOMDir, it is recommend to read the guidelines, view ZOMDir's philosophy, this prezi and this slideshare presentation.

Do you want to experiment first. Go to try.zomdir.com. This sandbox version will not be indexed by search engines, and added links will be removed at a regular base.

Ad free

Currently there is no business case for ZOMDir.com although sooner or later ads, sponsoring or funding might be necessary to keep the webservers up and running. ZOMDir.com wants to postpone this als long as possible.