The ZOMDir project has delivered ZOMDir.com as main product. However during this project some spin-offs (tools) where created. These spin-offs and tools are:

Indepth research

  1. Rusty Results - Research and advice on broken link checkers
  2. The ultimate speed test test - Research and advice on speed tests

Tools regarding your environment

  1. Browsersize at a Glance - Get the current size of your browser at a glance
  2. Internet Speed at a Glance - Check your Internet Speed at a Glance
  3. Traceability at a Glance - Get a quick indication if you are easy or hard to trace

Tools for webmasters

  1. Broken Links at a Glance - Check the broken links at a website
  2. Link Quality at a Glance - Get a quick indication of the quality of the links at a webpage
  3. Maintenance Frequency at a Glance - Learn how often you should maintain your website
  4. Website Quality at a Glance - Get a quick indication of the technical quality of a webpage (also great to check a portfolio of a websitebuilder)
  5. Where is my love? - Check where your site is in the ZOMDir directory

Allthough not strictly a project of ZOMDir, you might also use:

  1. Which loads faster - A tool to compare the loadtime of two webpages

Other tools

  1. Safe Browsing at a Glance - Get a quick indication if it is safe to visit this webpage

Other directories

  1. ZOMDir's Startpagina's - Dutch themepages based on ZOMDir
  2. The dark side of ... - ZOMDir for links which are not save to visit
  3. Try ZOMDir - A sandbox environment to experiment with ZOMDir

Deprecated tools

  1. Onion - A deprecated tool to supprt the use of TOR
  2. Pagerank at a Glance - Deprecated since Google doesn't publish the public PageRank anymore

Tip: Use a bookmarklet for these spin-offs.

Note that the most popular tools of ZOMDir are also mentioned at the page tools.zomdir.com.