ZOMDir's link directory has a structure based on languages, subjects and locations.

All subjects are ordered in a tree structure. The root location is the location "Anything".

Automatically generated index

To help you find a subject, there is an automatically generated index based on the available subjects. You will find the index at the top right.

Actions on subjects

You are allowed to:

  1. rename a subject
  2. move the Subjects in the hierarchy
  3. change the visibility of a subject
  4. add a new subject

To edit a subject click on the latest subject name in the breadcrumb trail at the top left.

Pre-defined subjects

Initial every directory of ZOMDir will contain the following subjects:

  1. Arts, Culture
  2. Food, Drinks
  3. Knowledge, News
  4. Nature
  5. Overnights
  6. Shops, Services
  7. Sports, Leisure
  8. Welfare