Website Quality at a Glance

Website Quality at a Glance is a tool which gives you a quick indication of the technical quality of the tested webpage. No more, no less.

To do this quickly only a few aspects of the webpage are considered when testing the webpage.

Note that this technique is also used to find out if we should tip a link in ZOMDir's link directory.

Detailed information

If you want to know in detail what to do to improve the quality of a webpage probably one of the following tools might help.

  1. Quality of the HTML code
    1. W3C's Markup Validation Service
    2. Google's Rich Results Test
  2. Performance characteristics
    1. Google's PageSpeed Insights
    2. GTmetrix
    3. Pingdom Website Speed Test
  3. Accessibility
    1. Web Accessibility Checker
    2. European Internet Inclusion Initative
    3. WAVE

Tip: Use a bookmarklet to get the quality score even quicker.