The power of Internet Speed at a Glance

Internet Speed at a Glance is a free online speed test which gives you a quick indication of your download speed in bits per second.

Unlike other speed tests only one file, just the HTML page, is downloaded.

Technology used

To make sure that the result is as accurate as possible, this speed test

  1. is hosted as a static file at Google App Engine. This way the server capacity will not influence the test results;
  2. contains only inline elements (Javascript, CSS, and Base64 images). This way the downloaded HTML file is as large as possible which makes the test more accurate;
  3. uses Navigation timing, a new standard interface for web applications to access timing information related to navigation and elements. Hence this speed test requires Javascript which runs in a browser which supports Navigation timing.

If you still wonder how it is possible that this speed test gives you Internet Speed at a Glance, you should realise that the page Internet Speed at a Glance is less than one third in size compared to the average size of a webpage according to http archive.

Hence the website performance of Internet Speed at a Glance is excellent. So you will really get an indication of your Internet Speed at a Glance.

I hope you love this spinoff of the ZOMDir project,