Guidelines is a very flexible link directory. Almost everything is editable.

The goal of ZOMDir is to become the best directory of the world. This does not seem to go hand in hand with the flexibility offered.

Nothing could be further from the truth, provided the following 8 guidelines are followed for maintaining this unique link directory.

  1. Be aware of the used language;
  2. Strive to a reasonable number of links on one page;
  3. Don't spam;
  4. Link to the homepage;
  5. Make clear you link to a directorie;
  6. Don't link to doorway pages;
  7. Add only unique links;
  8. Add 'Safe' links only.

1. Be aware of the used language

ZOMDir is available in all languages of the world. Please make sure you have selected the correct language before you add a link.

2. Strive to a reasonable number of links on one page

Depending on your estimation of the number of links related to a subject you might decide where to add links. It will be great when there are 10 - 40 links per page.

  1. When you expect a lot of links, add links at a page about a subject and a location (city, region, country depending on your estimation);
  2. When you expect a few links about a subject, use the location "Anywhere".

Note that it is fine to add an extra subject or location. However before you do so, please check the subject index and the available locations to prevent duplicates.

3. Don't spam

When you add several related pages of one website to ZOMDir it is easy considered as spam. When you have the feeling that this is the case, please remove these links.

4. Link to the homepage

When possible link only to the homepage of a website. Please erase the # mark and everything behind. Also erase the ? mark and everything behind. Please don't add affiliate links.

5. Make clear you link to a directorie

ZOMDir is not the only directory on the internet. Linking to another directory is no problem at all. When you link to another directory make sure you checked the box "Yes, this site is a directory".

6. Don't link to doorway pages

According to Google, doorway pages are typically large sets of poor-quality pages where each page is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase. Please don't add such a doorway page, add a link to 'the real stuff'. And please, when you find a doorway page at ZOMDir replace it with 'the real stuff'.

7. Add only unique links

Note that you are allowed to only link once to a page. When an existing link is found, you will be asked to move the link.

8. Add 'Safe' links only

Note also that you are only allowed to add 'safe' links to ZOMDir. 'Unsafe' links are allowed at