Links at ZOMDir

A short cartoon, how to add a link in three steps. Step 1. Consider the link you want to add. Step 2. Go the the page where you want to add the link. Step 3. Click on the button Add the missing link and enter the web address of the page you want to add. Links are the core for a link directory such as ZOMDir. Therefor there is extra attention given to the links added to ZOMDir.

Every link every link at ZOMDir is basically a working do-follow link. At a regular base it is checked if the webpages linked to still works and aren't redirected.

Every link is also automatically checked to determine if it is probably safe to visit. Unsafe links are not allowed at ZOMDir.

However the internet should be open and free, so an alternative for 'unsafe' links is created in the form of Here you might add all links that aren't allowed at the regular site.

Guidelines for adding links

To keep the directory neat and clean, every link is allowed once in all directories. This way you have to choose where your link should be shown. Preferred the link is added in:

  1. a directory of the same language
  2. at the lowest sensible level in hierarchy. See also these guidelines

    Note that this apply to the chosen subject and the chosen location.
    It is suggested that companies use their physical location (city) as location
Karma points

To seduce anyone who makes a change to ZOMDir to do the right thing, ZOMDir rewards positive actions with karma points.

Adding a link yields a relatively large number of karma points.

Edit a link

To edit a link click ✎. In the edit mode you might edit the link text.

Edit the link text

When you add a link the-title-of-the-webpage-linked-to will be used as link text.

Often this is a long text which is optimalised for search engines.

Please edit this text (by clicking on the ✎) so that the link text only reflects the name of the website linked to.

So "ZOMDir, worlds most flexible direcory" should be renamed to ZOMDir.

That ZOMDir is a link to a directory should already be apparent from the subject (and location) of the page the link is on.

Remove a link

In the edit mode you might remove a link by clicking the "Remove this link" button.

Note that removed links are logged at the page Removed links and are mentioned in the RSS feed of the page.

Note that you also might add (and remove) a link by drag and drop.

Tip and Dir indicators

A link could have a indicator like Tip and Dir .

  1. Tip indicates that the referenced webpage has an excellent technical quality. This is only possible when there was enough attention given to details
  2. Dir indicates that the referenced webpage is a directory

The Tip indicator is generated automatically. The Dir indicator applies when you edit (✎) the link and select the radio button "Yes, this site is a directory".

If you have improved the technical quality of the webpage being linked to, you will need to remove the link and add it again to let ZOMDir assess whether the Tip indicator is applicable.

The Tip indicator is given when the website quality is excellent according to Website Quality at a Glance.