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Drag and drop

You might want to add a link by "drag and drop". This is possible in all modern browsers allthough not all browsers support this feature.

You might drag and drop a link

  1. on or near the "Add the missing link" button;
  2. on a specific subject or location;
  3. on the salamander at the lower right corner.

Normally you will add a web address with a drop, however with a drop on the salamander the web address will be removed from the directory.

It might occur that a web address that you want to add will not be added to the directory. The reason might be that:

  1. it is a broken link;
  2. it is not safe to visit this website.

Note that when the web address already occurs in a directory it will be moved when possible.

If you are not sure why it is not possible to add a link by doing a drop, try to add a web address via the "Add the missing link" button.


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