Safe browsing

ZOMDir's goal is to provide a high-quality link directory.

Hence every link should be a quality link.

Functional quality

The functional quality is based on the context of the link.

The link must be on a page whose language, subject, and location match the linked web page, and the linked webpage must deliver quality content.

ZOMDir does not offer the possibility to automatically check this functional quality.

However, the technical quality can be checked automatically.

Technical quality

The following aspect define the technical quality of a link:

  1. The link works
  2. The link isn't redirected
  3. The link points to a website that can be visited safely

These technical quality aspects are required when you add a link to ZOMDir's link directory and. After that, all links are regularly automatically checked for these aspects.

Safe Browsing at a Glance

The logic to detect if a link is safe to visit is based on the spin-off: Safe Browsing at a Glance.

Not safe to visit? No problem!

ZOMDir's philosophy is that every link should be able to find a place in ZOMDir's link directory. Hence, potentially unsafe links can be added to